Hakan's Cape Dance

Photo Credit: Ryan Arrington (2011)


New video from Art of the Belly 2012 is up. Go to the videos page to see it! Or check out the new sampler video on youtube.

Upcoming Shows …
  • Tribal Con, Atlanta, Feb 16th, 2013
  • Munci Gras, Munci In, March 23rd, 2013
Private Lessons

Hakan is available for private lessons, contact for times and prices. He teaches all ages, men and women, to any skill level. The topics available are Beginner Middle Eastern Fusion, Intro to Cane dance, Intro to Tathib (stick dance), Intro to Sword, and Intro to Veil. Please inquire about intermediate topics!

Contact: info@hakandances.com for booking and schedule information.
Follow Hakan on Facebook http://​www​.facebook​.com/​H​a​k​a​n​D​a​n​ces

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